Carpet Seaming and Patching

Poorly seamed carpets can look unattractive. If the edges are not joined properly, they can start to stick up and fray (not to mention become a tripping hazard). Your technician can remedy this problem by adhering the loose edges back into place. For carpets that have already started to unravel significantly, he may instead need to make a repair known as a, "Carpet Patch."

Carpet patches are not only great for fixing frayed areas, but also for removing permanent stains and burn marks. The damaged piece of carpet is cut completely out, and a new undamaged piece is grafted into its place. This replacement section can be taken from the scraps of your original carpet installation, or we can cut a piece out of a discreet location like the corner of a closet. This way, the transplanted bit of carpet will match what is already on your floor, and no one will be able to notice it.