Carpet Stretching

Poor carpet installation can cause wrinkles to develop over time. Small ripples can also occur when sliding heavy furniture around, or when carpets are subjected to high volumes of foot traffic. These wrinkles are unsightly, and make carpets wear out quickly. Rather than spending a fortune to have your carpets replaced, consider the more cost effective alternative of carpet stretching to remove these wrinkles.

Stretching can extend the life of your carpet by removing ripples, and making it tight and flat again. Carpet stretching also eliminates the danger of tripping on the loose material, and it adds value and beauty to your home.

Your carpet technician will pull up the edges of the carpet, separating the pile from the tack strip. Using a tool known as a, "Power Stretcher," he will then pull the carpet until it is taut again. The excess material is trimmed away, and the edges of the flooring are secured back into place. 

We recommend having this service performed the same day you have your carpets cleaned.