Teflon Fabric Protector

You probably know the name, "Teflon," through the non-stick cookware, but did you know that this repellent technology can protect your carpets and upholstery too? Teflon makes it easier to keep fabrics looking fresh by fighting off dry soil and unpredictable spills. 

A quality carpet protector repels most liquids and keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers by forming a protective shield around each fiber. Liquids will bead up, and can easily be blotted away with a clean cloth before staining can occur. Teflon Fabric Protector also helps dirt slide off carpet easier when vacuuming, makes professional cleaning more effective, and helps your carpets last longer. It is applied by a fine spray, dries quickly, and leaves no odor. It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets.

We recommend having a stain resistor applied once every 2 or 3 years immediately following a professional carpet cleaning. High traffic areas or homes with pets and small children may prefer to get fresh applications more often.